Jessica Best

A New Online Entry Platform for the 2018 AMBIT Awards Submissions


Thank you to the global DMA ECHO committee for getting us connected with Awards Made Easy and a slick new submission platform that is not only easier to use, it’s much closer to the ECHO submission platform and process!

For years, the KCDMA has offered two ways to submit entries for the AMBIT Awards: offline – with a Word doc and mailed-in creative samples – and online, using a modified survey tool for submitting details and EventBrite for paying your entry fees.

We’re thrilled to announce that in 2018, we’re upgrading! Like many other awards competitions, including the DMA’s ECHOs, entries for the AMBITS will all be accepted online and through an awards platform that supports our unique categories, makes judging easier, and allows entrants to pay securely right through the entry website:

There’s even an easy way to upload images – screenshots for digital or photos of physical pieces – and/or case study videos via upload or hosted on YouTube, etc.

Don’t worry: you can still submit your beautiful dimensional and physical pieces if you’d like to by mail or by dropping them off at the KCDMA Association office before the deadline (Feb 1, 2018). You no longer have to print your entry form, though – you’ll add your entry number to the back of the piece and we’ll pair them up with the digital entry form for our judges.

To get started, head to and follow the simple steps below to submit your entry:

1. Create an account or login if you’ve already created an account.
2. Click the button on the left to create a new entry. Choose a Title and Hero image that are clear and will represent your entry well at the awards event if you win!
3. Click save and proceed to choose your category or categories.

  • TIP: You can submit this entry in multiple categories at once for ease! If you choose multiple categories, you’ll owe an entry fee per category for this entry.
  • TIP: Once you’ve paid for an entry, you can’t change the category selections for it.

4. Click Save and Proceed to write the description of your entry. Be sure to fill out all sections! And note the character limit on some fields. The idea is to be concise, so judges can quickly and clearly see the power of your campaign.

  • For more suggestions on submitting an award-winning entry, check out the blog post full of tips here.

5. Add a URL for a landing page (unbranded!) or YouTube link for a case study video (unbranded!) about your campaign, OR you can upload PDF, JPG, or MP4 files regarding your campaign.

  • TIP: Be SURE to click Add Link or Add File button or your link/file won’t be saved!

6. You can come back to work on your entries any time. Start them now and finish them later.

7. When you’ve done all the finessing you can, click Finish. You’ll see your entry, including the Entry # under Complete and Not Paid.

  • TIP: If you’re submitting physical samples of your campaign creative, this entry number is what you’ll need to include on your piece to be judged with this entry. Do not write your agency name on the piece.

8. Once you’ve created all of your entries, you can pay for them individually or all at once by checking the box to the left of the entry name and clicking Pay for Selected Entries. You have two options to pay:

  • Pay online with credit via PayPal
  • Pay by invoice — Download a PDF invoice that you can submit to be paid by check

That’s it! Don’t forget: the deadline to submit your entry and payment is February 1, 2018. But, per Clifton’s tip, you’ll want to start early enough to gather the creative and all the results data from all the teams involved. 

Heads up: We’ve updated the categories to better fit the incredible work being submitted. Check out the 2018 categories here.

Also, a reminder that GOLD winners at the 2018 AMBITS can skip straight to Round 2 of judging at the 2018 ECHOs and that the top 3 winners from the AMBITS – Best of Show, Most Bank for the Buck and Most Innovative – will receive a complimentary entry at the ECHOs, a $300 value, sponsored by the KCDMA! (Psst, congrats to emfluence for winning a bronze ECHO for their Joe’s Kansas City campaign in 2017!)

Best of luck in the 2018 AMBIT Awards!
Wendy Bruch, Angela Ridpath, Jessica Best, and Jeff Herman
The AMBITS Committee