Did you know humans only spend about 9 seconds reading an email, while goldfish have an attention span of 8 seconds? Makes you wonder why it can be so hard to get and keep people’s attention.

Paula Peters presented the KCDMA lunch program yesterday June 9, and educated the large group of 82 attendees with great pearls of wisdom for writing in a way that helps to attract and keep attention.

She shared her key secrets for effective communication and provided lots of examples for how to improve our writing:

Secret #1—Laser target to your audience

Secret #2—Formatting is king

Secret #3—Chunk your content

Secret #4—Shorter and simpler is better

Secret #5—Lower the reading level

Secret #6—Most important points first

Secret #7—Use active + casual narrative voice

Click here to download the slides from Paula’s talk.

We’ve had some great social media interaction at our events lately, check out these Tweets using the #kcdma hashtag.

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