A year after assuming equal co-ownership of M&C with business partner Monica Tiffany, Merritt Engel has assumed the role of president.

Engel’s ascension to president is part of the transition plan created by the team at M&C when she and Tiffany purchased the company from M&C founder, Bob Merrigan.

Despite the lofty new title, Engel remains humble. “Well, we have a pretty vast and complicated infrastructure around here,” she jokes. “But it is a great feeling to be in this role after nearly 20 years at M&C,” she continued. “I’m excited about the year ahead—I think we all are.”

The rest of the M&C team are proud of Engel and her accomplishments. “There’s no one more capable or more deserving of the title ‘president’ than Merritt,” said Tiffany. “She’s the real deal and this has been a long time coming—well done.”

M&C specializes in messaging and strategy for nonprofits. The agency has been in business 25 years and has clients ranging from national organizations to local and regional clients.

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