You don’t have to be a superhero to get a super scholarship.

It’s true. You don’t need tights or a cape. You just need to leap at the opportunity to be awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association Education Foundation. This is a one-time scholarship, but you can reapply and possibly win your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years!

That’s a grand that you won’t have to worry about while you pursue your passion. And qualifying for that grand is actually pretty simple.

Details on the 2016 KCDMA Education Foundation $1,000 Scholarship:


Anyone enrolled (or accepted and expecting to enroll) in an accredited degree or certification program at a Kansas or Missouri college. Must also plan for courses relating to the practice of marketing, maintain a 3.0 or be er High School GPA or display mastery of marketing concepts/practices and provide a letter of recommendation.


A $1,000 per year scholarship from KCDMA Education Foundation.


All applications must be submitted online by April 15, 2016. Apply now at


Because college is expensive, and every penny counts. And this scholarship adds up to 100,000 pennies a year.