The Postal Service Rocks for Data Driven Marketing

Jim Richard, Senior Marketing Executive, Mailing – Major Accounts at the USPS, spoke to over 85 KCDMA members and guests at our April lunch meeting on th3ddre 12th. He wowed the crowd when he started off by noting the April 10th postage rate DECREASE, the first in 97 years, and the savings that direct mailers will enjoy.


Jim shifted gears and launched into a great discussion about the power of the Mail Moment, when the mail is retrieved, scanned, sorted by recipients. He described some incredible research about the human brain and how it interacts with various media. Mail, because it is physical,  triggers activity in parts of the brain that connect with emotion, and ultimately results in higher recall and intent to act. “There’s no single thing you should do as a marketer, though”, he noted. “You’ve got to work through multiple channels. We call it the Phygital World, where you blend physical and digital methods to get a better result than either one can do alone.”

The discussion finished up with some examples of “Irresistible Mail” where a variety of printing and finishing techniques are used to boost engagement with a  mail piece. Two lucky members of the audience received a copy of the USPS-produced Irresistible Mail example book, with lots of colorful and cleverly designed printing effects.

And finally, we heard about the 2016 special incentives offered for using different tools like mail with augmented reality. One member mentioned that they can produce the augmented reality campaign essentially for free when factoring in the postage discounts. The full list is in the attached slide deck and on the USPS site. It was a great hour of information, and we also got to meet our local KC USPS marketing representative, Connie Jacoby.



Download Jim’s presentation here.

Jim and Connie’s contact information:

Jim Richard, USPS Senior Marketing Executive – Dallas
Em:  Ph: 469-586-9926

Connie Jacoby, USPS Senior Sales Executive, Mailing, Major Accounts – Kansas City
Em:  Ph: 816-374-9115