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2017 KCDMA Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp

Thinking Outside the Textbook: Marketing Knowledge that Springs off the…

July 20, 2017, 8:00AM

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DEADLINE: Jul 20, 2017

Thinking Outside the Textbook: Marketing Knowledge that Springs off the Page


Effective marketers are always adapting to developments in the industry. With technological advances and constant changes in buyer behavior, a data-driven mentality is sure to translate classroom knowledge to workplace success.

We’ve recruited top-performing marketers for the 2017 Data-Driven Marketing Boot Camp, which will be held July 20, 2017 at Lifted Spirits KC. Our speakers will explore innovation acceleration, search engine optimization, integrated content marketing, analytics, and so much more in this full-day event.

Who should attend:

 – Marketing Managers and Assistant Marketing Managers
–  Agency Client Service professionals and Campaign Managers who work with agency specialists to build integrated marketing programs
–  Chief Marketing Officer or Owner of a small business, with a need for smart, effective marketing
–  Newly hired marketing professionals with fewer than 2 years’ experience in the field
–  Marketing students and recent graduates who are looking for a skillset that makes them stand out from the other graduates as they start their career in business, advertising, marketing, or creative design


Students interested in attending but can barely afford Ramen Noodles? Email info@kcdma.org to see how to get a FREE ticket.

Thank you to our 2017 Boot Camp Sponsors!



Agenda and Speaker Lineup

8:00am           Check-in and breakfast

8:30am           Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:45am            Keynote

Jose Pires
Global Business Excellence Leader, Black & Veatch

Innovation Acceleration: Ideas, Methods and People

In a fast changing world, how do you build a culture where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? In this session, José will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.

10:00am           SEO

Quinn Sheek
Director of Demand Generation, DEG Digital

quinn sheek

SEO is Everything: The Evolution of the Organic Guru

The job of an SEO pro has evolved vastly over the last several years as Google as attempted to crack down on spam, optimize for new mobile experiences and advocate for user experience in our ever-changing world. An SEO guru no longer has the option of sitting in an isolated department and edit meta data while hoping for the best. SEO experts have no choice but to permeate all aspects of an agency and blur the lines between client and agency responsibilities. This session seeks to enable new and veteran SEO’s in ways that get them beyond what was traditionally known as SEO and into work that can make a vast difference for the businesses they are enabling.

11:00am         Email

Sara Theurer
CRM Deployment Specialist, VML

Batch and Blast: a Thing of the Past

Email continues to reign supreme in the digital ROI world. With worldwide revenue averages of $38 for every dollar spent, it’s more important than ever to be up to speed with what’s new and due for change in email in 2017 and beyond. Sara will share her favorite trends, tips, and tricks for managing a robust email marketing practice. Sara sprinkles her course with a healthy dose of industry stats to help arm attendees with the right information to advocate for change in their own company’s email programs.

12:15pm           Lunch

12:30pm         Keynote

Erin Sass
Marketing Strategist

Networking for All! (Yes, Even You)

Networking is critical for everyone! Explore ways to improve your networking skills, and how to get better every time. In this interactive presentation, Erin will incorporate tips and tricks to help beginners, tenured pros and everyone in between make networking meaningful.

1:00pm           Integrated Marketing

Corey Morris
Vice President of Marketing, Voltage

Integrated Digital Marketing

The lines continue to blur between digital marketing channels as more and more efforts overlap. However you categorize the activities including search marketing, email, social, content, and more, you’ll find that we’re wearing more hats than ever and need to be well versed on all channels. This presentation will provide background information on the different roles, how integrated campaigns work well, and integrated digital marketing strategy to help tie together all of the various channels and efforts in a well rounded way.

2:00pm           Analytics

Josh McCoy
Lead Strategist, Vizion Interactive

Google Analytics: Slicing and Dicing Data to Assist the Direction of your Digital Strategy

Have you ever heard the saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know”? Google Analytics can bring the “know” into your digital strategy. What you don’t know about your site visitors could be limiting your online marketing and advertising performance. Learn the techniques and data review tips to help you understand where issues on your site may exist as well as the site areas that may be ripe for additional optimization.

 3:00pm           Keynote

Barb Schlittenhard
Director, Learning & Development Sprint University, Sprint

Mental Toughness

FEAR and Performance Anxiety – The enemy of mental toughness. In the today’s workplace, performance expectations are at an all-time high, technology and data insights are rapidly changing and individuals are becoming overwhelmed. How do we make sense of everything that is out there? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get enough insights to make a decision? What is holding you back from performing to your potential? In this session, Barb will discuss the interferences impacting your performance, a process to take away any fear, and tips to improve your mental toughness game. The goal is to start you on a journey to be fearless.

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