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“We Don’t Have the Resources for That”: Overcoming Strategic Marketing Roadblocks

If you registered and need the link, please contact info@kcdma.com…

May 12, 12:00PM

If you registered and need the link, please contact info@kcdma.com


You know your company needs a marketing strategy that provides the right message at the right time via the right channel, but that’s a moving target that becomes more complex by the day (especially now). It’s a matter of understanding your customer, your products, your sales team, technology, data, relationship-building, and then ultimately proving positive ROI for your company. And no matter how amazing your strategy is, your company doesn’t have the resources, mindset, or they’re just afraid to move on from “we’ve always done it this way.”


Join Jim Dayton, Director of Strategic Planning at Walz Tetrick Advertising, to learn about:

  • Exactly how your customer is determining your company’s future marketing success
  • Strategies that allow you to embrace change while staying true to past marketing success
  • Identifying the most effective marketing mix to ensure efficient use of resources


Speaker Bio:

For over 20 years, Jim’s approach of analyzing business data, cross-referenced with human behavior, and combining it with a deep understanding of linear and digital marketing has made him a valued consultant and advisor to companies, institutions and organizations such as MIT, Sanofi, AbbVie, Shire, Sonic Drive-In, HBO, ESPN and Facebook.


As Walz Tetrick’s Director of Strategic Planning, Jim helps clients embrace data-based decision making and predictive marketing mix modeling to develop innovative, efficient and executable marketing strategies that build life-long customer relationships and increase revenue across all channels.




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