Call for Nominations: 2020 Bob Stone Direct Marketer and Young Direct Marketer of the Year!

Is there someone in the KCDMA community that inspires you? Someone, that you consider a leader and contributor to the future of data-driven, direct marketing? Who are you most proud to say is from the Kansas City marketing scene?

Nominations are open for the Bob Stone Direct Marketer of the Year award and, once again, we’re looking for the best of the best! Past honorees like Susan Reiter, Dave Cacioppo, and Pat Friesen, have exemplified the characteristics of a deserving winner:

• Contributed greatly to the growth and advancement of successful direct, data-driven marketing.
• Been a mentor, showing unselfish dedication to sharing knowledge with other marketers.
• Brought a spotlight of distinction to the Kansas City marketing community, whether through published books, award-winning client work, work on a game-changing tactic or toolset for direct marketing, presentations on a national stage, etc.
• An active member and participant in the KCDMA, both in attendance and contribution.

Know someone who isn’t a big deal yet, but is a powerful contributor to the KCDMA and the Kansas City Direct Marketing community? You can nominate them, too! The Young Direct Marketer of the Year award is for the up-and-comer who has stood out as a future star. Unlike the DMer of the Year award, the Young DMer can be someone who is currently on the KCDMA board or sub-committees.

Have a great potential nominee in mind? Download the full criteria list, instructions and nomination form below:

Bob Stone Direct Marketer of the Year Nomination Form

Young Direct Marketer of the Year Nomination Form

Review the criteria and provide thoughtful responses on your nominee in approximately 2 pages total. You can include a bio sheet and any letters of support for your nominee, too, if desired.

Deadline to submit is February 18, 2020.

Send your nominations to Immediate Past President, Clifton Alexander at